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We're All Water Stakeholders

At the Hydrofutures: Water Science, Technology and Communities conference in Seattle in July, the most important takeaway in water, energy and agriculture is that there is cooperation but not a lot of collaboration.

Are We Fracking With the Water-Energy Nexus?

What will it take to convince the federal government that water and energy are tightly intertwined...and therefore their respective planning and policy must be closely linked?

NY Times Readers React to Fracking Series

The NYTimes' Drilling Down series has garnered great interest and praise. In response to their series, the Times recently published several letters-to-the-editor including a letter from one of our bloggers.

Fracking Operations Can Cause Earthquakes?

It’s official (or as close as it can get): Oil and gas operations, like those involved in hydraulic fracturing (fracking), can cause earthquakes, according to upcoming study from the highly esteemed U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

In Transition: Washington State’s (Future) Organic Cranberries

Given the lack of respect with which most Americans treat cranberries, their environmental impact hardly seems worth it. But if we consider the hard work that goes into a product like Starvation Alley’s, maybe cranberries can recapture the wonder and respect a traditional dish deserves.

TRANSCRIPT: Our Hero: Dr. Michael E. Campana

TRANSCRIPT: "Our Hero" interview of Dr. Michael E. "Aquadoc" who is a Professor of Geosciences at Oregon State Univ., former president of a professional water resources association and a prolific blogger. By Kai Olson-Sawyer.

The Nexus in Action

While the food, water and energy nexus may be a new concept for many of us, there are numerous examples of individuals, businesses and governments that already benefit from taking a nexus approach. Here are just four examples of people who, because they strongly believe in sustainability, are mindful of how these three systems interact.

Take Action: Water

Learn the many ways you can take action to preserve our precious water resources and ensure that water is used sustainably.

Rebuilding Cities After Sandy: 3 Keys to Climate Resilience

With half of all Americans living near the ocean, Hurricane Sandy provided a wake-up call for state and municipal authorities in coastal areas nationwide. Six months after the great storm hit the East Coast, it's worth revisiting key points for planners as we continue to rebuild amidst a changing climate.

US Water Conservation: How's Your State Doing?

Have you ever wondered what your state government does to ensure that water is used wisely in your state? Maybe you wondered how your state's efforts compare to those of others? Now you can find out in an Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) report that graded all 50 states on their efforts.

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