water footprints

Energy Star program

DOE/EPA ENERGY STAR is a government-backed program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.

Recycling is Patriotic

November 15 is America Recycles Day. Find fun facts, activities and more about recycling. And make sure you recycle every day.

Tracking Trash

Why do we know so much about the supply chain and so little about the removal chain? TrashTrack focuses on how pervasive technologies can expose the challenges of waste management and sustainability.

A World of Water Footprints

There's a whole world beyond the United States with differing resources, cultures and values placed on how and why water is used. A water footprint digital visualization helps us better understand.

The Hidden Water in Everyday Products

Although unseen, millions of gallons of water go into the products we buy and use, which makes consumer awareness an important step towards water conservation.

Aqua Poster: Saving Water in the Kitchen

Watch Aqua teach her family about water conservation, then download the Aqua Saving Water in the Kitchen scene poster, to keep the water conservation message going!

Indoor Water Use at Home

By taking simple steps to reduce your water use at home you can quickly be on your way to saving gallons − and dollars − every day!

How the United States Uses Water

Our water resources aren't limitless. We need to protect and conserve them, especially since the average American water footprint is nearly twice the world's average.

Outdoor Water Use at Home

The American dream might be to live in a big house with an emerald green lawn in front and a shimmering pool out back. For water conservation, this is more like a nightmare than a dream!

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