water and climate change

Water - A New Normal?

There may always be water flowing in California, but "normal" is definitely in flux and we can't control the weather. Before we construct massive new water delivery systems that encourage waste and consume large amounts of energy, perhaps we should consider adjusting our expectations about what can realistically be grown, when and where.

Life at the Water’s Edge

Sea level rise is a concept that most people, including New Yorkers, can’t yet personalize. More public education is vital to ensure that New York City’s residents are able and willing to make informed decisions about specific actions and their associated budgetary requirements. Then we won’t be forced to react to natural disasters, instead we will proactively avoid or minimize the damage from the changes we inevitably face.

Power and Water Collide

Older power plants are addicted to water, but changing weather patterns and increasing demands are making water more scarce and putting these outdated plants at risk. Can the power industry kick its water habit?

Me, My Wife and Irene

Maybe it was the fact that I tied the knot with my beautiful wife, Laura. Or maybe it was the blustery entrance of Hurricane Irene the following day. Let's just say it was an unforgettable weekend.

Visualizing Respect for Groundwater

A new contest from visualizing.org will display the winning visualization of groundwater depletion on a 19,000 sq. ft. Times Square sign with a 30 second motion graphic. Science rules.

The Energy - Water Nexus

It takes a significant amount of water to create energy. Water is used to cool steam electric power plants - fueled by coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power - and is required to generate hydropower. Water is also used in great quantities during fuel extraction, refining and production. It takes a significant amount of energy to treat and move water. Energy is used to extract, move and treat water for drinking and irrigation. It is used in the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater. Energy is also consumed when water is used by households and industry, especially through heating and cooling.

Water Bill of Rights

The Water Bill of Rights is a declaration that all Americans deserve access to safe, clean drinking water.

Our Support for 'Last Call at the Oasis'

GRACE supports Last Call at the Oasis, the powerful water documentary that illustrates our collective dependence on water and the challenges we face in protecting it.

How the United States Uses Water

Our water resources aren't limitless. We need to protect and conserve them, especially since the average American water footprint is nearly twice the world's average.

Water Saving Tips: Outdoors

Our water supplies are limited. With more than half of outdoor water used for lawns and gardens, a few simple steps can reduce your outdoor water consumption. So tighten those taps, eliminate those leaks and use water wisely. Read more to find out.

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