renewable energy

A Misguided Attack on Solar Power

Arizona Senator Kyl spent his time writing a report not to promote the growing solar industry in his home state but to take a shot at utility-scale solar power.

Tidal Power Rolls In

New York City’s East River may become the site of the nation’s first full-scale tidal power plant - a potentially big step for other coastal cities looking for locally-generated renewable energy that’s fish-friendly, too.

Energy, Water and the Disaster in Japan

As we watch the events unfold at the Fukushima nuclear power plant we are struck by how yet again the interdependencies of water and energy are on full display.

Our Hero: Adam Browning

Few people know solar energy like Vote Solar's Executive Director Adam Browning. In today's Hero podcast, Adam discusses Vote Solar, how he got into the solar field, and what's on the horizon for his team and the US solar industry.

The State of Clean Energy: State Policy Impacts Markets

Different states have chosen different policies to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency to achieve various goals. In order to assess progress, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has issued the "State of the States" report.

Power and Water Collide

Older power plants are addicted to water, but changing weather patterns and increasing demands are making water more scarce and putting these outdated plants at risk. Can the power industry kick its water habit?

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