power plants

Life at the Water’s Edge

Sea level rise is a concept that most people, including New Yorkers, can’t yet personalize. More public education is vital to ensure that New York City’s residents are able and willing to make informed decisions about specific actions and their associated budgetary requirements. Then we won’t be forced to react to natural disasters, instead we will proactively avoid or minimize the damage from the changes we inevitably face.

Perspectives on Long Island’s Aging Power Plants

In this slideshow, three residents share what Long Island’s marine waters mean to them and the community they live in, as well as their thoughts on the impact that old power plants have had on the marine environment.

Fish vs. People?

What issue could create such an unlikely fight - fish vs. people - for the public’s support? Surprisingly, the debate over cooling systems used at power plants.

Energy, Water and the Disaster in Japan

As we watch the events unfold at the Fukushima nuclear power plant we are struck by how yet again the interdependencies of water and energy are on full display.

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