net metering

Freeing the Grid Intro

Commonly known as the policy that enables a customer’s electric meter spin backwards, net metering is the billing arrangement by which customers realize savings from their clean energy systems. 1 kWh generated by the customer has the exact same value as 1 kWh consumed by the customer.

Net Metering

Net metering is a simple billing arrangement for customer-sited DG. Without exception, significant deployment of clean, customer-sited DG occurs only in states with modern interconnection and net metering policies.

Net Metering and Interconnection Best Practices

Applying the lessons from existing statewide net metering programs and interconnection procedures, IREC has drafted model rules for use by state utility commissions and other stakeholders.

Connecting to the Grid Guide

The sixth edition of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc.’s (IREC) Connecting to the Grid Guide provides a comprehensive introduction to a span of topics that relate to grid-tied renewable energy sources. The sixth edition has been revised to include information on IREC’s recently updated model procedures, alternative billing arrangements for net metering, energy storage and several other emerging issues in the field. This guide is designed for state regulators and other policymakers, utilities, industry representatives and consumers interested in the development of state-level interconnection and net metering policies.

Distributed Renewable Energy Systems

Distributed renewable energy systems generate clean electricity on site. The term distributed generation distinguishes these systems from the large, centralized power plants that provide the vast majority of the nation's power.

Do You Live in One of the Best Solar States?

Thinking about going solar? Take a look at a new state-by-state ranking of the best solar states to help you decide whether a set of sleek new solar panels are a good for for your roof... and your wallet.

The Middle Class is Driving the Solar Revolution

The number of solar panel installations has soared since 2000, so who exactly is putting all of those panels on top of their roofs? Turns out that homeowners of all income levels, but particularly the middle class, are pushing the solar revolution.

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