municipal energy use

Freeing the Grid Intro

Commonly known as the policy that enables a customer’s electric meter spin backwards, net metering is the billing arrangement by which customers realize savings from their clean energy systems. 1 kWh generated by the customer has the exact same value as 1 kWh consumed by the customer.

Net Metering

Net metering is a simple billing arrangement for customer-sited DG. Without exception, significant deployment of clean, customer-sited DG occurs only in states with modern interconnection and net metering policies.

Rebuilding Cities After Sandy: 3 Keys to Climate Resilience

With half of all Americans living near the ocean, Hurricane Sandy provided a wake-up call for state and municipal authorities in coastal areas nationwide. Six months after the great storm hit the East Coast, it's worth revisiting key points for planners as we continue to rebuild amidst a changing climate.

Distributed Renewable Energy Systems

Distributed renewable energy systems generate clean electricity on site. The term distributed generation distinguishes these systems from the large, centralized power plants that provide the vast majority of the nation's power.

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