Stone Barns

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture is also home to the Stone Barns Farm market and the Blue Hill Cafe. Public Programs Director Nena Johnson took us on a tour of everything from the greenhouse to the bee hives to the forced-air composter...even a patch of pasture being tilled by a couple of nosy sows.

Tribeca Yummy Mummy

Cate, aka Tribeca Yummy Mummy, teaches mommies and preschool age children how to make delicious things.

Putting a Lid on Popped Fire Hydrants

Opening fire hydrants for fun is troublesome: it’s illegal, it’s wasteful and it’s very dangerous. In New York City hydrants can be opened legally if equipped with a City-approved spray cap that greatly reduces the flow. Caps can be obtained free of charge at a local firehouse. It seems like a reasonable compromise between the hot and the bothered.

Breakfast or Dessert? How Much Sugar Is In Your Kid's Cereal?

According to a new report by the Environmental Working Group, an assessment of 84 popular children's breakfast cereals revealed that only one in four meets the voluntary dietary guidelines proposed by the federal Interagency Working Group on Food Marketed to Children.

AQUA Conserve Water

Watch 8-year old Aqua and her dog, Sparky, show her family how to conserve water and save money. Intended for kids in grades K-4 and shared by parents and teachers.

The Kids Cook Monday

The Kids Cook Monday is a weekly opportunity for families to take health into their own hands. It provides examples of kid friendly recipes and video demonstrations along with nutrition and safety tips making it easy for families to cook and eat together every Monday.

Food Corps

FoodCorps is a nationwide team of leaders that connects kids to real food and helps them grow up healthy.We do that by placing motivated leaders in limited-resource communities for a year of public service. Working under the direction of local partner organizations, we implement a three-ingredient recipe for healthy kids.

National Farm to School Network

The National Farm to School Network envisions a nation in which Farm to School programs are an essential component of strong and just local and regional food systems, ensuring the health of all school children, farms, the environment, economy and communities.

School Food Focus

School Food FOCUS is a national collaborative that leverages the knowledge and procurement power of large school districts to make school meals nationwide more healthful, regionally sourced, and sustainably produced.

Aqua: Conserve Water - Water Conservation Kit for Kids

Watch our video with your kids and find out how Aqua teaches her family about water conservation when the water reservoir is low. Then, download our comic books, coloring books and posters to keep the water conservation message going! Get free Adobe Reader mobile app on your iPad and iPhone. Read it to go!

Take Action: Water

Learn the many ways you can take action to preserve our precious water resources and ensure that water is used sustainably.

Buy Less Stuff; Use Less Water

Everything you buy, use and consume takes water to produce. By purchasing and using less and reusing and recycling more, you can save water and reduce your water footprint.

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