industrial water use

A Misguided Attack on Solar Power

Arizona Senator Kyl spent his time writing a report not to promote the growing solar industry in his home state but to take a shot at utility-scale solar power.

Perspectives on Long Island’s Aging Power Plants

In this slideshow, three residents share what Long Island’s marine waters mean to them and the community they live in, as well as their thoughts on the impact that old power plants have had on the marine environment.

Are We Fracking With the Water-Energy Nexus?

What will it take to convince the federal government that water and energy are tightly intertwined...and therefore their respective planning and policy must be closely linked?

The Word on Fracking in the U.S.

Fracking - the hottest topic on the energy front - is now on fire with the arrival of summer. The month of June saw three bans, one ban reversal, a disclosure law and gift to the gas industry.

Jellyfish to Power Plants: You Suck

Jellyfish are drawing international attention with their recent power plant hijinks, but don't blame them for causing mayhem. We've opened the door for jellies to spread, thrive and drive us crazy.

Fracking Operations Can Cause Earthquakes?

It’s official (or as close as it can get): Oil and gas operations, like those involved in hydraulic fracturing (fracking), can cause earthquakes, according to upcoming study from the highly esteemed U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

The Hidden Water in Everyday Products

Although unseen, millions of gallons of water go into the products we buy and use, which makes consumer awareness an important step towards water conservation.

Power Plants Kill Fish - An Introduction

Many people know that power plants are a major source of air pollution and greenhouse gasses; however, few are aware that many of those same plants kill and injure fish and other aquatic life.

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