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Freeze The Last Vegetables For The Cold Months Ahead

It's that time of year. The growing season is winding down, but there is still quite an abundance of local fruits and vegetables at all but the northernmost farmers' markets and coops (even here in NYC after Hurricane Irene did so much damage). I'm still eating like it's summer (well the end of summer) and hoping that it will never end. But there is a way to extend the bounty, even into the cold and snow that will be here before we know it. Preserve, preserve, preserve!

10 Last-minute Gifting Ideas

Earth-friendly gifts can include upcycling and regifting, as well as non-consumables like service and donations. Here's some ideas for green, meaningful gifts.

Water Calculators Around the Web

A collection of direct and virtual water use calculators gives you plenty of ways to understand your water use habits and learn ways to conserve and use water more efficiently.

Water Saving Tips: Around the House

Every day, we all rely on water for a wide variety of uses around the house, inside and out. According to the EPA, you use 50 gallons of water a day on average. There are a lot of ways to save water around the house. Read more to find out.

Water Saving Tips: Outdoors

Our water supplies are limited. With more than half of outdoor water used for lawns and gardens, a few simple steps can reduce your outdoor water consumption. So tighten those taps, eliminate those leaks and use water wisely. Read more to find out.

Water Saving Tips: In the Bathroom

Almost every activity or daily routine that happens in the home bathroom uses a lot of water. You use more water in the bathroom than in all of the other rooms combined! Read more to find out.

The Basics: Energy Efficiency 101

With summer upon us, it's prime time for air conditioning and road trips. In many parts of the country, the summer season is the peak time for energy use. To cut back, let's talk energy efficiency.

Yes, We Can: Supporting Our Farmers, Preserving the Harvest

I quickly paid for my items and told him I'd see him at market on Sunday. Uttering those few words - See you on Sunday - I know exactly what I can do to help: Keep showing up. (Read for more about the farmers' market relationship, plus a marinara sauce recipe!)

Water Issues

Find out more about how water is a part of your daily life through your habits inside and outside of your home, the food you eat, the products you buy and even the energy use.

Ecocentric's Top Green Gifts for 2012

Giving the perfect gift can be difficult, even more so if you're looking for something that's good for your recipient, your community and our planet. To help you out, here are some ideas for greener gifts sure to please everyone on your list!

How to Curb Food Waste, Holiday Style

During the holiday season, the mindset of overabundance and a house full of dinner guests can lead to even more waste. We asked Jonathan Bloom, author of American Wasteland, why food waste in our country is so high and what we can do to help ourselves and others during the holiday season.

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