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Frack or Fiction: A Gasland Review

Filmmaker Josh Fox interviewed families whose drinking water wells had gone bad after fracking began on or near their land. Their water is now discolored, foul-smelling and in many cases flammable. For the most part, the drilling companies claim no responsibility, although many have settled claims with victims.

A Fracking First: Texas Leads the Way on Disclosure

This month, a funny thing happened in Texas, a state better known for its high profile, politically-charged feuds with the EPA. Texas's state legislature was the first in the U.S. to pass comprehensive chemical disclosure law for fracking.

The Word on Fracking in the U.S.

Fracking - the hottest topic on the energy front - is now on fire with the arrival of summer. The month of June saw three bans, one ban reversal, a disclosure law and gift to the gas industry.

Hydrokinetic Power: The Next Wave in Renewable Energy?

Momentum is building behind tidal and wave power in the U.S. with a groundbreaking project in New York City - and dozens more in the works - and new reports that wind and waves could power up to 15% of the nation's electricity needs.

Freeing the Grid Intro

Commonly known as the policy that enables a customer’s electric meter spin backwards, net metering is the billing arrangement by which customers realize savings from their clean energy systems. 1 kWh generated by the customer has the exact same value as 1 kWh consumed by the customer.

Clean Energy as De Facto Climate Change Policy

Studies suggest people with right-leaning political views tend to prefer technology fixes to address climate change. With a right-leaning Congress, clean energy is more or less the US’s climate change policy.

Bloomberg to Cuomo: We Can Frack Safely

With all eyes on New York State's rumored upcoming moves on shale-gas hydraulic fracturing (fracking), a recent Washington Post op-ed by New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, and fracking pioneer, George Mitchell, weighed in on the possibility of limited fracking in the state's Southern Tier.

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