energy and climate change

Dr. Chris Gobler on ocean acidification

When it comes to climate change and the ocean, we often think of the impacts to water temperature, sea level rise and coastal storms. However, Dr. Chris Gobler of Stony Brook University calls ocean acidification a "game-changer in the way we think about how climate change can affect the functioning of our oceans."

U.S. Carbon Emissions A-Fallin'

Good news, America: your carbon emissions are going down! A closer look at a few states reveals some interesting trends, and hints at what the future might hold.

How to Make Florida Disappear (Not That You'd Want To)

The southwestern Florida coast is beautiful, but awfully flat. That leaves this stretch of coast, along with much of America’s shore, susceptible to increasing sea level rise, as a new interactive flood map makes all too clear.

The Ecocentric Viewers' Guide to BBC’s Frozen Planet Series

Between the series' DVD release and recent controversy over how climate change was--or was not--tackled by BBC producers, it’s a good time for us to check out Frozen Planet for those of you who may have missed it. Come for the polar bears, stay for the timelapse ice melts. Plus: penguins!

Power Plants Kill Fish - An Introduction

Many people know that power plants are a major source of air pollution and greenhouse gasses; however, few are aware that many of those same plants kill and injure fish and other aquatic life.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency can help meet the country's growing demand for energy. It is the fastest, cleanest and most economical energy resource we have.

Hotter, More Acidic Ocean Threatens Food Security

According to a new report by Oceana, the areas most at risk from the harmful impacts of ocean acidification and climate change are poor coastal and small island nations, regions that depend heavily on seafood for protein.

Do You Know the Food, Water and Energy Nexus?

How are food, water and energy connected? Find out in "Food, Water and Energy: Know the Nexus," a new paper that explains how and where these systems intersect, how they rely upon each other to function and how they can have a significant impact on each other.

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