drought scarcity

Water - A New Normal?

There may always be water flowing in California, but "normal" is definitely in flux and we can't control the weather. Before we construct massive new water delivery systems that encourage waste and consume large amounts of energy, perhaps we should consider adjusting our expectations about what can realistically be grown, when and where.

The Earth From On High: A Review of HOME

HOME, a new documentary from French filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand, narrated by Glenn Close, is a tremendous illustration of nature at its finest and humanity's impact on it at its most destructive. The film is showing for free at the East Village Cinema starting tomorrow.

Power and Water Collide

Older power plants are addicted to water, but changing weather patterns and increasing demands are making water more scarce and putting these outdated plants at risk. Can the power industry kick its water habit?

A Fracking First: Texas Leads the Way on Disclosure

This month, a funny thing happened in Texas, a state better known for its high profile, politically-charged feuds with the EPA. Texas's state legislature was the first in the U.S. to pass comprehensive chemical disclosure law for fracking.

Visualizing Respect for Groundwater

A new contest from visualizing.org will display the winning visualization of groundwater depletion on a 19,000 sq. ft. Times Square sign with a 30 second motion graphic. Science rules.

Our Heroes: Jessica Yu, Director of ''Last Call at the Oasis''

In her new movie "Last Call at the Oasis," Oscar-winning filmmaker Jessica Yu trains her lens on the world water crisis, with a particular emphasis on the United States - a nation that is little aware of its burgeoning water quality and quantity problems.

Water Bill of Rights

The Water Bill of Rights is a declaration that all Americans deserve access to safe, clean drinking water.

Our Support for 'Last Call at the Oasis'

GRACE supports Last Call at the Oasis, the powerful water documentary that illustrates our collective dependence on water and the challenges we face in protecting it.

Outdoor Water Use at Home

The American dream might be to live in a big house with an emerald green lawn in front and a shimmering pool out back. For water conservation, this is more like a nightmare than a dream!

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