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Water On The Moon? When Do We Move?

In the United States we are blessed to have fresh water that meets many of our needs. If we want to continue to enjoy all the benefits of that water, we have no choice but to take steps to protect and properly treat it. Otherwise we can keep our heads in the sand and wait for someone else to fix the problem. But hey, there's water on the moon, right? I'll start packing.

Clean Water, at Any Rate

Certainly, increasing rates is appropriate in communities where they have been set too low, but clean, clear water is so essential to public health and well being that it warrants public funding. Proposals to accomplish that, such as the Water Protection and Reinvestment Act, deserve close scrutiny and support.

FIJI Water and Parent Company Still Rolling in the Water

The year 2011 has been a tough for scandal-prone California agribusiness giant, Roll Global, parent company of FIJI Water. After all the bad press, it's not unexpected that the corporation might want to distance itself from...itself.

Through Art, the Value of Water Expressed

Water shows up everywhere and expresses its diversity in many ways. Its latest appearance arrives in an art exhibit called the "Value of Water: Sustaining A Green Planet" at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine.

The Hidden Water in Everyday Products

Although unseen, millions of gallons of water go into the products we buy and use, which makes consumer awareness an important step towards water conservation.

Water Bill of Rights

The Water Bill of Rights is a declaration that all Americans deserve access to safe, clean drinking water.

Our Support for 'Last Call at the Oasis'

GRACE supports Last Call at the Oasis, the powerful water documentary that illustrates our collective dependence on water and the challenges we face in protecting it.

Water Calculators Around the Web

A collection of direct and virtual water use calculators gives you plenty of ways to understand your water use habits and learn ways to conserve and use water more efficiently.

Bottled Water

American consumers drink vast quantities of bottled water, in part because they have bought into the idea that it is somehow safer than tap water. Collectively we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per gallon for water in plastic bottles, when tap water is generally safer and cleaner than bottled water. By taking back the tap, you can save money, protect your health, and help prevent environmental and social problems as well.

How To Save Water

Here are tips to help you shrink your water footprint. The recommendations on this list are just a start in an effort to save more water.

Water Issues

Find out more about how water is a part of your daily life through your habits inside and outside of your home, the food you eat, the products you buy and even the energy use.

The Importance of Clean Water

In the US we're fortunate to have billions of gallons of clean water delivered daily to our homes, then piped away when we're done. Unfortunately, a lack of infrastructure funding could threaten our water.

Water Saving Tips: Shopping Smarter

Practically everything we buy, use and consume has a water footprint because it took water to process and transport it. Being thoughtful about purchases, reusing where you can and recycling can reduce your water footprint (and trash).

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