aquatic impacts

Perspectives on Long Island’s Aging Power Plants

In this slideshow, three residents share what Long Island’s marine waters mean to them and the community they live in, as well as their thoughts on the impact that old power plants have had on the marine environment.

Power and Water Collide

Older power plants are addicted to water, but changing weather patterns and increasing demands are making water more scarce and putting these outdated plants at risk. Can the power industry kick its water habit?

So Will That Be the Wild or Patented Salmon?

It's the year of two salmons: one genetically altered and under review by the FDA, and the other an inhabitant of one of the last great wild salmon runs (which is unfortunately situated atop a bunch of copper and gold deposits).

The Economics of Closed Cycle Cooling in New York

A report documenting how requiring New York power plants to upgrade to fish-friendlier cooling systems is affordable for the power industry, will cost customers little and will not affect electric reliability. (PDF)

The Truth About Closed-Cycle Cooling

Don't believe the power industry's myths: Closed-cycle cooling is standard, affordable technology that is highly effective at reducing a power plant's impacts on local water bodies.

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