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Dr. Chris Gobler on ocean acidification

When it comes to climate change and the ocean, we often think of the impacts to water temperature, sea level rise and coastal storms. However, Dr. Chris Gobler of Stony Brook University calls ocean acidification a "game-changer in the way we think about how climate change can affect the functioning of our oceans."

Our Heroes: Shana Miller of Tag-a-Giant

Shana Miller is director of Tag-a-Giant, an organization that's reversing the decline of northern bluefin tuna populations. We took some time to talk about bluefin tuna, her life and what questions to ask the next time you order sushi.

So Will That Be the Wild or Patented Salmon?

It's the year of two salmons: one genetically altered and under review by the FDA, and the other an inhabitant of one of the last great wild salmon runs (which is unfortunately situated atop a bunch of copper and gold deposits).

Dispatch from Maryland: This Drought is Making Me Crabby

If you're from Maryland or ever lived in Maryland you've probably been to a crab feast (or crab "pick" in Virginia) and you know that Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs are the best in the world. I was lucky enough to indulge in this summer rite of passage recently and as we picked our bushel of crabs we talked about the health of the Bay and the impact of one of the worst droughts in decades.

Hotter, More Acidic Ocean Threatens Food Security

According to a new report by Oceana, the areas most at risk from the harmful impacts of ocean acidification and climate change are poor coastal and small island nations, regions that depend heavily on seafood for protein.

On Whales, Oil and a Lot of Noise

Seismic testing for oil and gas under the Atlantic Ocean seafloor could injure up to 138,500 whales and dolphins and impact 108 fishing communities dotting the East Coast. But a growing chorus of allies is looking to stop the testing before it starts.

Earth Day 2013: Facing Ocean Acidification

This Earth Day is being celebrated by collecting pictures and stories that show The Face of Climate Change. Our choice is Dr. Chris Gobler, a biologist from Stony Brook University who discusses in a video interview his important research on the effects of ocean acidification on marine life.

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