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Industrial Livestock Production and Water Quality

When prompted to consider water pollution, most people envision classic point sources; the corroded factory pipe, the municipal waste treatment plant, the oil behemoth's offshore well. But when I don my Water Pollution Contemplation Cap, I inevitably envision industrial livestock facilities.

First-Ever Court Victory Holds CAFO Accountable for Water Pollution

In a precedent-setting decision, a federal district court judge in Washington State ordered a CAFO (aka, a "factory farm") to monitor groundwater, drainage and soil for illegal pollution resulting from its inadequate manure management practices in violation of the Clean Water Act.

Air Quality

Industrial livestock operations generate a tremendous amount of air pollution - yet these facilities remain largely exempt from meaningful air quality regulation.

Sustainable Livestock Husbandry

Learn how sustainable farms raise healthy animals using practices that benefit the environment and bolster local economies.

Public Health

From antibiotic resistance to arsenic contamination, learn how industrial agriculture threatens public health.

Water Quality

Industrial agriculture is among the leading sources of water pollution in the United States today.


Where there are animals, there is animal waste, and as the growth of industrial farming concentrates thousands of animals on increasingly fewer farms, it produces massive amounts of animal waste on relatively small plots of land. When too much waste is produced in one place, there is no safe, cost-effective way to use it productively or dispose of it. While government regulation and better waste management practices can make a difference and should be encouraged for existing farms, the problem of livestock waste will continue as long as we rely on concentrated industrial farms to produce our food.

Industrial Livestock Production

Also known as factory farms, industrial livestock operations produce the majority of US meat, eggs, and dairy products. Find out why they're awful.

Waste Management

Industrial livestock operations produce tremendous quantities of animal waste. Learn how this damages the environment and threatens public health.

Industrial Agriculture

Most food in the US is now produced on large-scale industrial crop and livestock operations. Learn how this differs from sustainable agriculture - and why it matters.

The Meatrix Interactive 360

The Meatrix Interactive 360 is a great way to educate yourself, friends and family about factory farming. Roll over the objects on the farm and click them to get in-depth information about each subject.

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