About the Water Program

Formerly known as H2O Conserve, the GRACE Communications Foundation Water Program was launched in 2008, having drawn inspiration from the American Museum of Natural History’s Water: H2O = Life exhibition. The Water Program is a collection of tools, tips and information that enable individuals to make water conservation part of their everyday lives. The program is best known for its Water Footprint Calculator, an interactive tool that allows people to estimate their water usage and find out how to reduce their “water footprints.” The program website also features issue pages developed to increase understanding of timely topics including water used in energy production, water used to make consumer products, water conservation in and around the home, and other water-related issues.

The Water Program continues to highlight the ways in which consumers can reduce their impact on water resources, and how decision makers can better manage our precious clean water resources, while at the same time striking a better balance with sustainable food and energy systems.

Our projects include:

Water Footprint Calculator: The calculator features a brief set of questions that will get you thinking about how much water you and your household use and how water connects to almost every aspect of your life. It helps you explore your water use, estimate your household’s water footprint (including “virtual water”) and learn ways to conserve.

Water Saving Tips: Dive into over 100 helpful tips and learn to lower your water footprint by reducing the water you use directly, like turning off the tap, and by reducing your reliance on virtual water, or water that goes into producing the goods and services you buy, use and consume every day.

Water Issue Pages: These pages provide information about how central water is to our existence and how best to take care of it. From how we get and use water inside and outside of our homes, to the importance of protecting our water resources, to the enormous amounts of water in our food, find out about the many ways that water is a part of our daily lives.

Ecocentric: GRACE’s blog covers food, water and energy issues. Water Program staff members regularly contribute articles, interviews, news briefs, photos and videos to keep you informed about the latest developments in water, water footprinting and the food-water-energy nexus.