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AQUA Conserve Water

Watch 8-year old Aqua and her dog, Sparky, show her family how to conserve water and save money. Intended for kids in grades K-4 and for distribution by parents and teachers.

New York is More Renewable Now!

When the owners of a commercial building in Brooklyn decided to install solar panels on the rooftop they were hoping that the law in NY State would change and allow them to send electricity back to the grid and get net metering credits for it.

Dr. Chris Gobler on ocean acidification

When it comes to climate change and the ocean, we often think of the impacts to water temperature, sea level rise and coastal storms. However, Dr. Chris Gobler of Stony Brook University calls ocean acidification a "game-changer in the way we think about how climate change can affect the functioning of our oceans."

Dr. Chris Gobler on becoming a scientist (VIDEO)

In an interview with GRACE Program Director Kyle Rabin, Dr. Chris Gobler of Stony Brook University answers the question: What did you want to be when you were growing up and how did you get started in your field of work?

Joan Gussow's Garden Recovery

Joan Gussow is known as the matriarch of the local food movement. In 2010, Joan's garden was devastated by a massive storm and flood. The story of its rebirth is a story about grit, hope and living a purposeful life.

Stop the Frack Attack

Highlights from Stop the Frack Attack, a rally and march held on July 28, 2012 in Washington, DC by thousands of opponents of hydraulic fracturing ("fracking"). Brief excerpts included from remarks by Josh Fox (GASLAND) and Bill McKibben (director and founder of, as well as participants from all over the US.

Stone Barns

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture is also home to the Stone Barns Farm market and the Blue Hill Cafe. Public Programs Director Nena Johnson leads a tour of everything from the greenhouse to the bee hives to the forced-air composter... even a patch of pasture being tilled by a couple of nosy sows.

Joan's Organic Garden

Those who've read Joan Gussow’s memoir, This Organic Life, can imagine how excited we were to step out her back door and into the garden whose humble beginnings and subsequent flourishing were chronicled in the book. Here’s a very short tour through Joan’s organic garden.

New Amsterdam Market

A video of The New Amsterdam Public Market Association’s third market at the Seaport in Lower Manhattan, which brought together farmers, food purveyors, distributors, caterers, and chefs, as well as photographers, filmmakers, advocates and other pioneers of a sustainable food economy

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