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Renewable Energy Kit

Small-scale renewable energy has an important role to play in the sustainable use and management of our energy, food and water resources.

The Monday Campaigns: Meatless Monday Kits

One day a week, cut out meat! Our friends at the Monday Campaigns offer five different Meatless Monday mini-kits (bundled together here), each aimed at a specific audience, to help you spread the word about the importance of reducing your meat consumption.

Power Plants Kill Fish Kit

Many people know that power plants are a major source of air pollution and greenhouse gasses. However, few are aware that many of those same plants kill and injure fish and other aquatic life. Here is a collection of reports and materials to help explain how this needless destruction occurs and what we can do to stop it.

Sustainable Food Kit

Help promote sustainable food and save family farms. Use our downloadable handouts to learn about the problems with our current food system, and the solutions we're working on. This kit contains every handout that GRACE's food program, Sustainable Table, makes available.

Sustainable Dinner Party Kit

You love food and get-togethers and you're interested in sustainable, local food. Sharing a meal is a capital way of building community, and hosting a sustainable dinner party is the perfect way to integrate your interests.

Factory Farm Kit

The Factory Farm Kit contains the handouts you need to educate people about the problems with factory farming and today's meat and dairy supply.

Aqua: Conserve Water - Water Conservation Kit for Kids

Watch our video with your kids and find out how Aqua teaches her family about water conservation when the water reservoir is low. Then, download our comic books, coloring books and posters to keep the water conservation message going! Get free Adobe Reader mobile app on your iPad and iPhone. Read it to go!

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