Why Not Dump Snow into the Ocean?

New England is in the middle of an historically snowy winter, and cities and towns are running out of room to store all of their plowed snow. Is dumping that snow into the ocean a good option, or is it another example of sweeping pollution out of sight and out of mind?

Campaigning for US Infrastructure: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Vice President Joe Biden (in)famously said that New York's LaGuardia Airport is in shambles. Imagine then the decrepit state of the less seen US infrastructure like the electrical grid, food distribution networks or clean water systems? Is it time for voters to make infrastructure a priority?

What is Long Island Sound Worth?

Dubbed the "Urban Sea," Long Island Sound is one of the nation's most economically important estuaries. Generating $17 billion to $36.6 billion in economic value every year, the Sound is a crucial economic driver of the New York metropolitan region.

Can Your Garbage Disposal Help Slow Climate Change?

In this InSinkErator-funded study, a life cycle analysis was done for 12 disposal scenarios of food waste. According to the study, using a garbage disposal could help to curb climate change if your wastewater treatment system has an anaerobic digester that converts food waste into biogas.

Elemental: A Film Review

Elemental, a new documentary about eco-warriors Rajendra Singh, Eriel Deranger and Jay Harman premieres this week in New York City. The film offers a glimpse into the lives of three regular people on personal journeys of epic proportions to save the environment.

Superstorm Sandy and a Few Nexus Lessons

Superstorm Sandy revealed how creative, sustainable solutions can make a difference in hard-hit areas, while aging and outdated infrastructure have compounded problems.

What the Hay? Gas Drilling Wastewater Ruins Farmer's Fields

Despite oil and gas industry rhetoric this presidential campaign year, there can be serious health and environmental impacts associated with fossil fuel extraction. Just ask a farmer whose fields were ruined by gas drilling wastewater.

TRASHED: the Film (a review)

Trashed opens with the dashing Jeremy Irons strolling on a beach beneath a garbage glacier, and goes on to make a dramatic argument that our wasteful culture is burying us. Learn how you can make a difference, too!

Frackonomics: Debunking the Financial Myths of Fracking

What if the natural gas industry promises of high production rates, lots and lots of jobs and increased tax revenues are mostly smoke and mirrors, designed to make energy corporations, bankers and a handful of landowners rich? United for Action asked the same question. Here are some answers.

Fracking Operations Can Cause Earthquakes?

It’s official (or as close as it can get): Oil and gas operations, like those involved in hydraulic fracturing (fracking), can cause earthquakes, according to upcoming study from the highly esteemed U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

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