power plants kill fish

Learn how outdated power plant cooling systems kill billions of fish and other aquatic life every year, and how this senseless destruction can be stopped.

Energy and Water Team Up at This Year's World Water Week

It's World Water Week and we're happy to report that this year's theme is "Water and Energy." Have a look at our curated list of recent posts that help to illustrate just a few examples of how water and energy are connected, and what that means for all of us.

Energy's Big Bycatch: Power Plant Water Use Still Sucks

The 2014 River Rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania went swimmingly. But as one panel asked, how quickly can the United States end the process that allows hundreds of aging power plants from sucking up enormous amounts of water that kill billions of fish annually? Not as quickly as they - or the fish - would like.

Time for Electricity to Kick Its Water Habit

The overreliance of US electricity generation on water has become an increasingly risky and difficult relationship to maintain in an age of weather extremes. The Union of Concerned Scientists has some ideas on what should be done differently to avoid a potentially grim future.

Power Plants Kill Fish! OK, What Can We Do?

Hundreds of power plants - now 40, 50 or 60 years old - still use antiquated, once-through cooling systems. Will the US EPA ever rein in these plants' massive water use? And what can we do in the meantime?

Nuke Rebuke: New Report Shows No Need for Indian Point

For years, opponents of the Indian Point nuclear power plant have faced a tough question: where does the replacement power come from if the plant is shuttered? It’s a fair question even from the perspective of a renewable energy advocate.

EPA Takes Power Plants to the Mat over Toxic Air Pollutants

Despite the dangers they pose to our health, there are no national limits on the amount of mercury and other toxins released from power plant smokestacks. But now the EPA is proposing to change that and wants to hear from you by August 4th.

Jellyfish to Power Plants: You Suck

Jellyfish are drawing international attention with their recent power plant hijinks, but don't blame them for causing mayhem. We've opened the door for jellies to spread, thrive and drive us crazy.

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