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Energy-Water Collisions: Our 2013 Update

Senior Energy Analyst John Rogers of UCS sees collisions everywhere - between the House and Senate, between Democrats and Republicans and between energy and water. Rogers explains why "a clear view of current energy-water collisions can certainly help point us to the fixes there."

Photographer Jamey Stillings: Seeing the Big (Solar) Picture

A person might wonder how images of a bunch of mirrors in a desert would yield beautiful - and important - photography. Welcome to the work of Jamey Stillings and his online exhibit of photos at the Forward Thinking Museum of the ongoing construction of the Ivanpah Solar project in the Mojave Desert.

Just Say No to the Renewable Naysayers

You're having dinner with your family or friends when the topic of renewable energy comes up. You start to wax emphatic about the many benefits of clean energy when some Gloomy Gus blurts out "But what do we do when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing?"

Happy International Women's Day!

Today is International Women's Day, but we hardly need an excuse to recognize some noteworthy advocates, programs and projects around the world whose mission and achievements improve the lives of women as well as our whole planet's well-being. Cheers!

Fracking vs. Ice Cream: The Guar Gum Connection (UPDATED)

UPDATE: For many Indian farmers their fantastic ride with all-in guar production came to a jarring halt and carried with it financial ruin. This is just another stop in the uncertain world of fossil fuel extraction, one whose economic model is based on the old "boom-bust."

Earth Day 2012: Harder to See, Harder to Catch

For Earth Day we highlight the differences between the environmental challenges of 70s and now through photos taken then and now. Nowadays, it’s what you don’t see that can cause all the problems.

Hydrokinetic Power: The Next Wave in Renewable Energy?

Momentum is building behind tidal and wave power in the U.S. with a groundbreaking project in New York City - and dozens more in the works - and new reports that wind and waves could power up to 15% of the nation's electricity needs.

Nuke Rebuke: New Report Shows No Need for Indian Point

For years, opponents of the Indian Point nuclear power plant have faced a tough question: where does the replacement power come from if the plant is shuttered? It’s a fair question even from the perspective of a renewable energy advocate.

Our Heroes: David Lochbaum of the Union of Concerned Scientists

David Lochbaum is widely considered one of the top independent authorities on nuclear power in the U.S. At the Union of Concerned Scientists, he monitors safety issues at the nation's nuclear power plants, keeps a close eye on the NRC and is a go-to expert for the government, media and public during breaking events like the 2011 nuclear power plant crisis in Japan.

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