Our Hero: Jeneen Wiche of the University of Louisville and Swallow Rail Farm

In this Ecocentric Heroes series we shine a light on food, agriculture and sustainability educators in higher education around the US. This installment features the committed, multi-talented professor and farmer, Jeneen Wiche, and shows how she's helping people understand what the sustainable food system is all about.

Your Guide to Finding a Sustainably Raised Turkey

It's time to get your turkey for Thanksgiving. No kidding, heritage birds from sustainable farmers sell out fast. If you want to gather around taste-test winning meat this season, but don't know where to find it, check out these highlights of places in your region where you can find a sustainably raised bird!

Our Heroes: Dede Boies and David Evershed of Root Down Farm

"Our mission is to raise the healthiest animals possible in the most humane way, and to leave this land better than we found it," Dede Boies explains. Today, she and David Evershed do just that as they raise AWA-certified meat chickens in 200-bird flocks for marketing within the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Coast region.

The Arsenic in Your Chicken

Despite the threat to human health and the environment, industrial poultry producers continue to use arsenical drugs to boost growth rates. A new study measured how much of this arsenic ends up in your meat.

Brooklyn Grange Brooklyn Navy Yards Rooftop Farm

Brooklyn Grange has a new rooftop farm in the Brooklyn Navy Yards. We were there as they were setting it up this spring. Luckily the farm weathered the storm that was Sandy, although their beehives got blown away.

Waterkeeper vs. Perdue Over Chicken Manure in the Chesapeake Bay

A landmark trial opens today in Baltimore’s Federal District Court, where Waterkeeper Alliance has filed suit against Perdue Farms, and a pair of the company’s farmer contractors, Alan and Kristin Hudson, for polluting the Chesapeake Bay with chicken manure.

Our Heroes: Carole Morison of Bird's Eye View Farm

Perhaps best known as the chicken farmer from Food, Inc., Carole Morison is a long-time poultry producer, sustainable agriculture activist and outspoken critic of the industrial food system. Here, she discusses her transition from industrial producer to sustainable farmer.

Mapping Factory Farms

Since regulatory agencies are often unable and/or unwilling to provide this information, Food & Water Watch used the USDA's Census of Agriculture to calculate the number of mega-livestock facilities in each county, providing an outstanding visual representation of national and state distribution trends.

Industrial Eggs, Industrial-Size Messes

Nobody likes a massive outbreak of foodborne illness. On the upside, when 1,500 consumers are sickened by Salmonella and industrial processors are forced to recall more than half a billion eggs, people start to pay a bit more attention to how these things are being produced.

From Bush Legs to Bad Business Practices - It's Been a Busy Week for Poultry

It's been quite a week for US poultry. On Monday, 25 US Senators ranging across the ideological spectrum from Al Franken to Orrin Hatch, united to urge President Obama to use his meeting this Thursday with President Medvedev to negotiate an end to Russia's ban on imports of US chicken. On Tuesday the USDA issued proposed rules to clarify the meaning of "unfair business practices" under the almost 90-year-old federal Packers and Stockyards (P&S) Act with the goal of reliving some of the abuses found in the poultry and livestock industries.

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