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Cranberries: Bogged Down in Water and Pollution

When you think about Thanksgiving turkey, what else comes to mind? No, not mashed potatoes and gravy: we're talking about cranberries. Most people either love or hate their sweet-tart flavor. We happen to love cranberries, but once we started looking into the impacts that conventional farming methods have on the environment, our relationship turned a little sour.

Onshore Fish Farming

While we may expect the fish on our plate to come from fisher folk out on their boats reeling them in, the reality is that much of our seafood comes from fish farms. This week we're exploring aquaculture - also known as fish farming - through the lens of sustainability. In this post we'll take a look at onshore systems.

Making the Grade: Clean Water Proponents Issue Report Card for Long Island Sound

Like parents reviewing their kids' report cards, politicians pay attention to grades. The Long Island Sound report card "makes it clear that while progress has been made to improve the water quality of the Sound, more must be done to preserve this economic engine and local treasure's waters and coastline," says New York Congressman Steve Israel.

Who's Afraid of the Clean Water Act?

The long-awaited Clean Water Act draft rules were released as the "Waters of the United States," marking one of the biggest steps towards improved US water quality in years. One problem though: Some industries think it is governmental overreach.

Water - and Us - in the ''Anthropocene''

In late May, water scientists gathered at a conference and issued a stark warning about global freshwater challenges in this "Anthropocene" era. Yet their recommendations for research, scientific training and ecosystem-friendly solutions fell short of what's needed: a recognition of humanity's place in the web of life.

Waterkeeper vs. Perdue Over Chicken Manure in the Chesapeake Bay

A landmark trial opens today in Baltimore’s Federal District Court, where Waterkeeper Alliance has filed suit against Perdue Farms, and a pair of the company’s farmer contractors, Alan and Kristin Hudson, for polluting the Chesapeake Bay with chicken manure.

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