Film Review: Seeds of Time - Nothing Could Be More Important

There's a frozen seed bank in Norway filled with thousands of crop seeds from around the world. How did they get there, and why? Seeds of Time is a new documentary that shows us just how important crop diversity, and the work we do to preserve it, is to the future of human civilization. Here's why it's worth a watch.

Shored Up: A Film Review

Shored Up documents the destructive folly of unchecked coastal development and the unwinnable battle being waged by the nation's coastal communities against rising seas and shifting sands.

Elemental: A Film Review

Elemental, a new documentary about eco-warriors Rajendra Singh, Eriel Deranger and Jay Harman premieres this week in New York City. The film offers a glimpse into the lives of three regular people on personal journeys of epic proportions to save the environment.

Water at the Movies

Water is a theme that runs through all forms of popular culture, from books to myths to Hollywood and international films, with a growing number of shorter video pieces posted online at YouTube and similar sites. Peter Gleick went to the trouble of assembling a list of movies that feature water as a theme, either in the background or a main theme. It's a great way to look at movies.

Conventional Farmer Comes Out in Support of Labeling GMOs

This week Prop. 37, an initiative to label GM foods, got an inspiring - and surprising - endorsement from Troy Roush, a conventional farmer featured in Food Inc. Roush grows GM corn and soybeans, but strongly believes that labels benefit the farmer as well as the consumer.

Meet the Energy Bills

We can’t help but feature another episode of our favorite energy efficiency odd couple, The Energy Bills, as they learn how to save more watts and dollars.

Vandana Shiva on Seeds of Humanity

Physicist, feminist philosopher and passionate environmental advocate Vandana Shiva appeared on Bill Moyers' show, Moyers and Company, talking seeds, GMOs and complicity in the "war on Earth". Prime viewing, yes? Check it out here.

Our Heroes: Jessica Yu, Director of ''Last Call at the Oasis''

In her new movie "Last Call at the Oasis," Oscar-winning filmmaker Jessica Yu trains her lens on the world water crisis, with a particular emphasis on the United States - a nation that is little aware of its burgeoning water quality and quantity problems.

The Electric Car Exacts its Revenge

Just five years ago, director Chris Paine asked "Who Killed the Electric Car?" With his new film, "Revenge of the Electric Car," we get the inside story of how the EV has been reborn.

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