United Nations Releases Damning Report on Pesticides, Exposes Industry

A blistering new report from the United Nations explores the vast human and environmental cost of our food system's reliance on pesticides. The report also exposes the agrochemical industry's claims that pesticides are needed to feed the world to be merely "aggressive, unethical marketing tactics."

Cooperation, Not Conflict, More Common with World's Water

What is the 21st century outlook for the world's freshwater future? Some expect a dystopian future of drought, pollution, water and food shortages and, ultimately, "water wars" among nations. But World Water Week reminds us that cooperation might be more likely.

Water - and Us - in the ''Anthropocene''

In late May, water scientists gathered at a conference and issued a stark warning about global freshwater challenges in this "Anthropocene" era. Yet their recommendations for research, scientific training and ecosystem-friendly solutions fell short of what's needed: a recognition of humanity's place in the web of life.

University Land Grabs in Africa and Student Activism

Major American universities are practicing "land-grabbing" - buying up African farmland in deals that will likely result in displacement of small farmers, environmental devastation and the further impoverishment and political destabilization. Students and alumni: you have the power to change this.

Visualizing Respect for Groundwater

A new contest from will display the winning visualization of groundwater depletion on a 19,000 sq. ft. Times Square sign with a 30 second motion graphic. Science rules.

A World of Water Footprints

There's a whole world beyond the United States with differing resources, cultures and values placed on how and why water is used. A water footprint digital visualization helps us better understand.

Our Heroes: Michael E. ''Aquadoc'' Campana

Michael E. "Aquadoc" Campana's story is a testament to the fact that at times something can be found unexpectedly--like a career in hydrogeology. Dr. Campana is a Professor of Geosciences at Oregon State Univ., the president of a professional water resources association and a prolific blogger.

The Earth From On High: A Review of HOME

HOME, a new documentary from French filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand, narrated by Glenn Close, is a tremendous illustration of nature at its finest and humanity's impact on it at its most destructive. The film is showing for free at the East Village Cinema starting tomorrow.

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