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USDA to Farmers: Plant Your Way to a Cleaner Lake Erie

The toxic algae bloom in Lake Erie that forced Toledo, Ohio authorities to cut drinking water to 400,000 people has subsided, but a major cause of pollution - agricultural runoff - has not. The USDA has taken note and is providing funding and technical support to help farmers reduce pollution.

From Wheat to Salmon, GMOs Take Center Stage

It's been a busy few weeks of developments in genetic engineering (GE) news, each deserving of further attention - so without further ado, here's a roundup-ready (sorry, we couldn't resist) collection of the most important stories about genetically modified organisms (GMOs), as well as efforts to require their labeling.

The Healthy Farm: A Vision for US Agriculture

Recently, the Union of Concerned Scientists put together a policy brief, in which they outline a vision of a healthful alternative to the unsustainable practices that are involved in industrial agriculture. Accompanied by a bright interactive web feature illustrating the components of a healthy farm, the brief spells out the principles, practices and benefits that come along with a shift toward farming based on ecological principles, or agroecology.

Can We Learn from the Bees in Time to Save Them?

Although it may have taken half a century, we are now seeing Rachel Carson's frightful predictions become reality. Countries across the world are growing increasingly concerned with the plight of honey bees. Rightfully so - they are indicating quite clearly the deterioration of our ecosystems. But here in the United States, while we patiently wait 5 more years for our government agencies to review the registrations of neonicotinoid chemicals, there are many things we can be doing now to help.

Pollan’s Classic 'Food Rules' Is Now a Beautiful Animation

It started with a simple idea: when it comes to food, we should model our diets after that of our grandparents, which is to say, we should eat less meat and less processed food. Michael Pollan’s Food Rules, the slim handbook that answers the common question, "What should I eat?" is sweetly animated here.

Should Baby Eat Organic? American Academy of Pediatrics Wades into the Debate

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently announced its first-ever guidelines on organic foods for babies and children, published in the journal Pediatrics. The article, Organic Foods: Health and Environmental Advantages and Disadvantages, hit the mark in some cases, but in others, fell way, way short.

Scientists Point to Pesticides as Culprit in Honeybee Die-Offs

For over a decade an international debate has raged over the cause of the global decline of honeybees. In just the past month, three separate studies have connected bee die-offs and neonicotinoid pesticides- a culprit blamed by farmers and scientists since the debate began.

Is There Arsenic In Your Energy Bar?

A new study found high levels of arsenic in infant formula, energy bars, cereal bars and energy gels containing organic brown rice syrup. But there are still no regulatory limits for arsenic in food.

Tell Walmart to Reject New GMO Sweet Corn

There's a new GMO in town: Monsanto's GE sweet corn. If you're unhappy about this, you're not alone. Food and Water Watch has initiated a national campaign to pressure Walmart to refuse to sell products using the GE corn.

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