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New UN Agriculture Report Offers Little Guidance on Sustainable Eating

Eating sustainably is hard and, from an environmental perspective, nutritional guidelines don't offer any clues as to how sustainable an eating plan might be. However you decide to eat, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization's (FAO) new report about agriculture and climate change gives little guidance on sustainable eating.

Define the ''Natural'' Label or Send it Packing

A new report of consumer survey results by Consumer Reports gives more evidence that the public is confused about the "natural" label. A coalition led by Consumers Union is urging the FDA to remove the label from foods, or to change its meaning because it's misleading shoppers.

GMO Labeling Law Fails in the Senate

After a heated debate, a bipartisan group of senators voted to block the progress of a bill that would have pre-empted genetically engineered food labeling laws in Connecticut, Maine, Alaska and Vermont. A similar bill, known as the DARK Act among opponents, passed the House of Representatives last summer.

Congress' Spending Bill Full of Food System Changes

If you're the type of person that wants to know what you're eating and where your food comes from, then you may have some seriously mixed feelings about Congress right now. (But don't worry - there is some good news, too!)

Genetically Engineered Salmon to Hit the Shelves (Soon-ish)

The FDA has approved the first-ever genetically engineered (GE) animal - salmon - for sale in the US. The salmon, developed by AquaBounty Technologies, a synthetic biology company, is engineered to put on weight faster than their non-engineered counterparts.

Missing the Story on Golden Rice

A gaping hole in US coverage of genetically engineered (GE) Golden Rice is the perspectives of Philippine organizations or really anyone from the Philippines who opposes Golden Rice. By not including these voices in discussions around this GE crop, reports miss a fundamental issue at the center of all issues around GE foods: power.

From Wheat to Salmon, GMOs Take Center Stage

It's been a busy few weeks of developments in genetic engineering (GE) news, each deserving of further attention - so without further ado, here's a roundup-ready (sorry, we couldn't resist) collection of the most important stories about genetically modified organisms (GMOs), as well as efforts to require their labeling.

Get to Know the Truth about Monsanto

In the wake of the Monsanto Protection Act becoming law, Food and Water Watch has a handy new report on the agri-giant. "Monsanto: A Corporate Profile" runs down a famous list of misdeeds, from Agent Orange to GMOs, and if you eat, you should be interested in this.

''Agent Orange'' Corn: Biotech Only Winner in Chemical Arms

The USDA is currently deciding whether or not to approve an application by Dow Chemical for its controversial genetically engineered (GE) corn variety that is resistant to the highly toxic herbicide 2,4-D, one of the main ingredients in Agent Orange.

Holiday Horror Story: GE Salmon Swims Towards Approval

Move over Grinch. The FDA is doing everything in its power to give American consumers a terrible holiday gift this year. Today they took the final step toward approving genetically engineered (GE) salmon, the first GE food animal.

All Eyes on California: A Roundup on GMOs and Proposition 37

In just a few days California will vote on Proposition 37, which would require the labeling of genetically modified foods. Controversy surrounding the measure extends far beyond California, as GMOs remain a contentious topic around the globe, and a yes vote could impact policy across the nation.

Conventional Farmer Comes Out in Support of Labeling GMOs

This week Prop. 37, an initiative to label GM foods, got an inspiring - and surprising - endorsement from Troy Roush, a conventional farmer featured in Food Inc. Roush grows GM corn and soybeans, but strongly believes that labels benefit the farmer as well as the consumer.

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