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What I Learned in Cider Making School

After trying a bunch of hard ciders and learning what they're all about, one of us decided to make her own, because making hard cider is easy, right? Maybe.

Invite Your Elected Officials to National Farmers Market Week!

August 7-13, 2016 is National Farmers Market Week. The US Senate and House of Representatives will not be in session that week, so this is the perfect opportunity to invite your elected official to visit your local market and share the importance of farmers' markets to the nation's food system and to your community!

Meet the Couple Running the Only All-Organic Farmers' Market in New York State

While on a morning walk, Patti and Doug Wood came up with the idea for a farmers' market in their hometown of Port Washington, situated on the north shore of Long Island. And not just any farmers' market! The market they eventually created is 100 percent organic - the only all-organic farmers' market in New York State.

Be Mine, Sustainable Valentine!

We know Valentine's Day isn't everyone's cup of tea. But who doesn't like love - for yourself, your partner, your friends and yes, the Earth? Here are 8 great ways to celebrate that don't involve lots of cash, plastic junk or greeting card companies.

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Farm Bill!

On Tuesday, the Senate approved the $956 billion Farm Bill, sending it on to President Obama for signature. While the final bill is not as bad as it could have been, the inclusion of long-feared deep cuts to the nutrition title have angered many food and hunger advocates.

Yes, We Can: Supporting Our Farmers, Preserving the Harvest

I quickly paid for my items and told him I'd see him at market on Sunday. Uttering those few words - See you on Sunday - I know exactly what I can do to help: Keep showing up. (Read for more about the farmers' market relationship, plus a marinara sauce recipe!)

A Heroic Endeavor in New Orleans: the Urban Farming and Food Center

Helping New Orleans recover from Hurricane Katrina is an important national goal, but it should be achieved through new ways of thinking that will make the city healthier and more resilient. Two organizations-the Recirculating Farms Coalition and the New Orleans Food and Farm Network-are going to do that with plans to build the new Urban Farming and Food Center in the center of New Orleans.

Our Heroes: Brian Gotreaux of Gotreaux Family Farms in Scott, Louisiana

Brian Gotreaux never made the conscious decision to become an organic farmer-- it was simply a matter of getting healthy. After years of hard work, Brian and his wife Dawn successfully run an organic farm, a CSA and a farmer's market all while educating their community about the benefits of organic farming.

Greenmarket Interview: As Seasons Progress, Ask What Farmers Crave

I am personally thrilled about the appearance of anything leafy - greens that I can pick in my garden or greens that someone picked not far away. But how did the farmers feel about the new spring arrivals? All those people who actually work the land, sow the seeds and watch them grow, what were they excited about? One Friday in early June, I headed down to Union Square farmers' market to find answers to my questions.

New Amsterdam Market

The New Amsterdam Public Market Association held its third market on Sunday, June 29th at the Seaport in Lower Manhattan.

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