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What's The Federal Government Doing to Our Food? - Summer 2015 Edition

There's been a flurry of activity in Congress over the past month as legislators clear off their desks and prepare to leave DC for the August recess. The cheat sheet we've created here summarizes the most significant food and agriculture related bills they've been working on, why they're important and their current status.

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Farm Bill!

On Tuesday, the Senate approved the $956 billion Farm Bill, sending it on to President Obama for signature. While the final bill is not as bad as it could have been, the inclusion of long-feared deep cuts to the nutrition title have angered many food and hunger advocates.

Will There Be a 2013 Farm Bill?

Tis the season...for last-minute Farm Bill negotiations. The legislation is stalled in Congress as yet another "dairy cliff" looms, and nothing between but a Congressional battle over SNAP and farm subsidies. Or an(other) extension.

Experts Weigh in on the Food-less Farm Bill

Last week, the House of Representatives passed their farm bill - minus the nutrition title, so there's no funding for food stamps (or other forms of emergency food assistance) included. Here's a reader's treasury of coverage on the radical move.

The Healthy Farm: A Vision for US Agriculture

Recently, the Union of Concerned Scientists put together a policy brief, in which they outline a vision of a healthful alternative to the unsustainable practices that are involved in industrial agriculture. Accompanied by a bright interactive web feature illustrating the components of a healthy farm, the brief spells out the principles, practices and benefits that come along with a shift toward farming based on ecological principles, or agroecology.

The 2013 Farm Bill is Off to the Floor Debates!

Last week, drafts of the nearly $955 billion 2013 Farm Bill legislation were passed through both the House and Senate Agriculture Committees. The wild, wacky odyssey towards a new five-year farm bill continues - to what end is still unclear. Ahead: floor debates in the Senate and the House.

It's Not Groundhog Day - It's Time for the 2013 Farm Bill!

This is a big week for the 2013 Farm Bill. Ultimately, we're forecasting quite the floor fight as cuts to SNAP will again be the most contested part of this legislation which could rightly be referred to quite simply as the "Food Bill."

The 2012 Farm Bill Is No More

We're beginning 2013 with a nine-month extension to the 2008 Farm Bill which has passed both houses of Congress and become law - so the newly-sworn 113th Congress will have to draft a new farm bill. So how did this happen? And what does it mean?

The 2012 Farm Bill Will Be Visiting a Lame Duck

On September 20, Speaker John Boehner confirmed that the House will not vote on the 2012 Farm Bill during this brief Congressional working session. So we'll just zip right past that pesky September 30 expiration date on the former bill. Check out what’s next!

The 2012 Farm Bill Goes on Summer Vacation

Last Thursday, July 26, with farmers around the country reeling from drought, the House of Representatives voted to pass a standalone $383 million disaster aid bill, which does not extend the 2008 Farm Bill. It’s also unlikely to pass in the Senate, so in a sense, this bill is a placeholder until September.

House Agriculture Committee Approves Harsh Farm Bill Draft

Months of speculation, gossip, negotiation and probably some fortune-telling culminated in the House Agriculture Committee meeting last Wednesday, July 11, to markup their Farm Bill draft. Deep SNAP cuts, surprise riders about GMOs and wacky legislative time warps - all in our Farm Bill Status Report.

Farm Bill Passes the Senate: Now What?

On June 21, the Farm Bill reached its first major legislative milestone as the Senate voted for its passage (64-35). On July 11, the House will get going on their markup process.

The 2012 Farm Bill is Ready to Rumble

2012 Farm Bill update: It's Happy Fun Time with Amendments in the Senate. The House will begin to markup their version in late June, with a floor debate to follow in July. Expect them to propose cuts.

A Guide to the 2012 Farm Bill (and What it Means to You)

In which Ecocentric provides an overview of the 2012 Farm Bill - which could more aptly be called the Food Bill - and what may be a huge fight in this year of budget politics. Hint: SNAP (a/k/a food stamps) and the House of Representatives are involved.

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