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Do You Know the Food, Water and Energy Nexus?

How are food, water and energy connected? Find out in "Food, Water and Energy: Know the Nexus," a new paper that explains how and where these systems intersect, how they rely upon each other to function and how they can have a significant impact on each other.

Water, Energy and the World Energy Outlook

While a forecast of 'Saudi America' is getting all of the attention, the new World Energy Outlook report also takes an important look at the growing global energy and water collision.

Drought and the Food, Water and Energy Nexus

We're experiencing the food, water and energy nexus first-hand. The worst drought since 1956 might produce significant impacts on food and fuel prices and could cause urban water supplies in some US regions to dry up.

Frackonomics: Debunking the Financial Myths of Fracking

What if the natural gas industry promises of high production rates, lots and lots of jobs and increased tax revenues are mostly smoke and mirrors, designed to make energy corporations, bankers and a handful of landowners rich? United for Action asked the same question. Here are some answers.

The State of Clean Energy: State Policy Impacts Markets

Different states have chosen different policies to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency to achieve various goals. In order to assess progress, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has issued the "State of the States" report.

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