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West Virginia Coal Chemical Spill Causes Water Crisis

The industrial chemical spill that fouled Charleston, West Virginia's waterways is serious, and Ecocentric provides a rundown of the developing story, a collection of peoples' experiences as shared via social media and other ways to follow its aftermath.

California Gets New Fracking Regulations

Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law last Friday which will regulate fracking in California as of January 1, 2014. Any way you slice it, this bill means - for now - no moratorium (as environmental groups had hoped) nor unrestricted easy, breezy access to drilling in the Monterey Shale (no doubt on the oil industry's wish list).

Quake's Up? Fracking the Ocean and California's Central Valley

Should The Golden State allow fracking offshore in the Pacific and atop the Monterey Shale? Impacts are being felt from the Central Valley to Los Angeles; given the earthquakes triggered by injection wells in less seismically active places, there remain concerns about doing so next door to the San Andreas Fault.

Fracking in the Nation's Vegetable Patch

The farmland sits on shale and is known for producing raisins, nuts, fruits, vegetable and cotton. Given California's rich oil history, oil and agriculture interests have co-existed for a long time, but fracking could pit the two against each other.

Bloomberg to Cuomo: We Can Frack Safely

With all eyes on New York State's rumored upcoming moves on shale-gas hydraulic fracturing (fracking), a recent Washington Post op-ed by New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, and fracking pioneer, George Mitchell, weighed in on the possibility of limited fracking in the state's Southern Tier.

Clean Energy as De Facto Climate Change Policy

Studies suggest people with right-leaning political views tend to prefer technology fixes to address climate change. With a right-leaning Congress, clean energy is more or less the US’s climate change policy.

Hydrokinetic Power: The Next Wave in Renewable Energy?

Momentum is building behind tidal and wave power in the U.S. with a groundbreaking project in New York City - and dozens more in the works - and new reports that wind and waves could power up to 15% of the nation's electricity needs.

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