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Raise the Roof: Solar Adds Thousands to Home Resale Values

Warm up this wintry week with some good news about solar power! A common myth holds that mounting solar panels to the roof of your home can lower its resale value. But a new federal energy agency report may put that myth to rest once and for all.

Bloomberg to Cuomo: We Can Frack Safely

With all eyes on New York State's rumored upcoming moves on shale-gas hydraulic fracturing (fracking), a recent Washington Post op-ed by New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, and fracking pioneer, George Mitchell, weighed in on the possibility of limited fracking in the state's Southern Tier.

Frackonomics: Debunking the Financial Myths of Fracking

What if the natural gas industry promises of high production rates, lots and lots of jobs and increased tax revenues are mostly smoke and mirrors, designed to make energy corporations, bankers and a handful of landowners rich? United for Action asked the same question. Here are some answers.

$ave a Trillion--and Energy, Too

Energy efficiency. Not the sexiest topic in the world, but what if it could save you a ton of money? A new study says national efficiency standards could save consumers and businesses more than $1 trillion.

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