Siena Chrisman

Siena Chrisman is a Brooklyn-based researcher and writer addressing agriculture and social justice. She balances out city life with a focus on rural commodity farmers and livestock policy. Read more at

In the Field with Farmer Dena Hoff

Meet Dena Hoff, farmer and activist from Montana who works not only her land, but on broader issues important to the global food system.

In the Field with Farmer Kendra Ellis from East New York Farms

Kendra Ellis is the 22-year-old manager of the East New York Farms! Youth Farm, farming under an acre of land in East New York. We caught up with Kendra to learn more about her journey to become a young farmer in Brooklyn and about East New York Farms!.

In the Field with Farmer Anthony Wagner

Anthony Wagner's family has been farming since 1910. He's the fourth generation of Wagner Farms, currently farming over 300 acres of produce in New Mexico.

In the Field with Farmer Ben Burkett

Ben Burkett's family has been farming on the same land in Petal, Mississippi, since 1889, when his maternal grandfather acquired a 164-acre homestead. Today, it's known as B & B Farm, after Ben's parents, Ben and Bessie. Read more about Ben in the first installation in our new series, "In the Field."

National Family Farm Coalition's Thirty Years of Fighting for Farmers

The National Family Farm Coalition (NFFC) has spent thirty years advocating for "fair prices, local jobs and fresh foods" for farmers across the country. With the passing of Kathy Ozer, NFFC's longtime and dedicated Executive Director, the Coalition is facing a transitional moment.

New Film Exposes Unfairness and Risks in the Contract Farming System

A new feature-length documentary produced by Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI), "Under Contract: Farmers and the Fine Print," explores the hardships and hidden risks faced by the people who grow nearly all the chicken eaten in the US - risks that turn chicken growers into modern-day serfs.

Talking Rural Farms and Art with Iowa's Poet Laureate, Mary Swander

Mary Swander, Poet Laureate of Iowa, is the author of numerous books, poetry and plays. The plays, based on hours of conversations with Iowans, draw on an oral history tradition, presenting rural stories in people's own words. With rural issues in the spotlight following the election, we spoke with Mary about her work, the rural-urban divide and the role art plays in challenging times.

Where Have All the Dairy Farmers Gone?

With the government setting milk prices well below the cost of production, small dairies are closing by the thousands. But milk production hasn't slowed - it is simply being produced on fewer (and larger) farms.

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