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Taste It, Don't Waste It: Salad Greens

Does your crisper drawer runneth over with salad greens? We know ours do! Here: tips, tricks and recipes to use up every last leaf of those beautiful salad greens before they turn to mush!

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Buckwheat

Did you know that buckwheat isn't a "wheat" at all, nor even a grain? Did you know that you can eat buckwheat leaves? Did you know that buckwheat is a complete protein? Here: all you ever wanted to know about this ancient, delicious grain-that-is-not-a-grain - plus a recipe for Japanese soba noodles!

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Clams

Like many seafood delicacies, the clam, at first glance, is not something that begs to be eaten. The first person to eat a clam had to be either very hungry or answering to some pre-historic round of truth or dare. Here: everything you've ever wanted to know about clams - plus a comforting classic clam recipe.

Taste It, Don't Waste It: Avocadoes

Avocadoes are versatile, nutritious and delicious. But they are also resource intensive to grow, can be quite expensive and for many of us represent a significant amount of food miles spent. You don't need to quit your avocado habit, but it's a good idea to enjoy every last bite of the avocados that you buy. Here's how.

Taste It, Don't Waste It: Bananas

Americans eat more bananas than any other fruit. Here are a bunch of ways you can use up every last banana you buy - from banana ice pops, to grilled bananas, to banana jam (plus a recipe!). We even give you some tips on what to do with all of those banana peels! (Hint: don't smoke them.)

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Cherimoya

If you have never had a cherimoya, it is hard to describe the spell this seductive fruit can cast over you. The fruit looks like some sort of reptilian egg, but the pulp of the cherimoya is creamy and custardy, with the flavor of bananas, pineapples, strawberries and kiwi. A true treasure of the farmers' market - for those of you lucky to live where it grows.

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Mandarin Oranges

Just when the doldrums of long, gray winter days set in and our health is threatened by the sniffles, Nature gives us a cure! Tangy, bright, easy to peel mandarin oranges are a delight to have in the kitchen - their vibrant color and sunny fragrance are smile-worthy.

Taste It, Don't Waste It: Pasta

Accidentally made too much pasta? Don't worry - we've all been there. Here are some genius-level ideas for using up every last bit of pasta, including a quick and easy recipe for (upcycled) Asian noodles!

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Pork

Pork chops, pork tenderloin, pulled pork - if you're a meat-eater, pork is one of the most versatile meats to cook with! But have you ever thought about the history and cultivation of pork? Read on to learn more about all things pork - including its seasonality, nutrition and environmental impact (plus a delicious pork shoulder recipe that is sure to become a go-to!).

Taste It, Don't Waste It: Coffee

As much as we all love coffee, it's not all that uncommon to have a cup (or two) left in the pot. From chocolate cake to savory sauces, we've got some fun ideas on how to use up every last drop.

Taste It, Don't Waste It: Holiday Curry

Got lots of holiday leftovers? Don't waste 'em! Throw a curry party to use up all of those savory bits - from meat to veg! All you need to do is whip up our easy recipe for a curry base, then toss in what you have on hand. (We've also got some genius-level tips for throwing the best after-after-after party!)

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Sugar

Everybody wants a little sugar in their bowl, but what exactly is in that taste of sweet stuff? In this installment of Real Food Right Now, we look at the sweet - and sour - sides of sugar.

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Pistachios

Did you know that pistachios have been eaten for over 7,000 years? With deep roots in the culinary history of many Middle Eastern and other cultures, and newer importance in US agriculture, pistachios are a seriously fascinating drupe (that's right - they're not even really a nut). From special occasion desserts to pistachio pesto (recipe included!), pistachios bring a lot to the table.

Taste It, Don't Waste It: Giblets

That bag in the bird. For many home cooks, it is the scariest, most intimidating part of roasting poultry. But that little hidden gift can take your menu to the next level. Here, we answer all of your burning questions about giblets (including what, exactly, they are) and give you some pointers on how to use 'em all up! Giblet gravy, anyone?

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