Robin Madel

Robin Madel works on food, agriculture and water issues, including water footprints, sustainable seafood, urban and innovative forms of agriculture and personal actions people can take to help improve the food system. She produces blog posts, issue pages, reports, videos and other online content. Prior to GRACE, Robin worked for the city of Boulder Public Works Water and Transportation Departments and at Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site. She received an MS in Environmental Science and Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, a BS in Civil Engineering and a BA in Geological Sciences - both from the University of Colorado at Boulder, as well as a professional certificate in Journalism from New York University. She is an avid photographer and an actor, so she's usually not too far away from a camera of some sort.

Plastic in the Ocean. Microplastic in Your Fish.

Of the 13 million metric tons of plastics that make their way into the oceans every year, much of it ends up as microplastics - sesame seed-sized particles that contaminate our fish, shellfish and even sea salt. In honor of World Oceans Day 2017, find out what you can do to turn the tide of plastic trash.

''Reducetarians'' Hold Summit to Ask You to Eat Less Meat

"The Reducetarian Solution," Brian Kateman's new book about eating less meat, is a collection of essays about how large-scale, factory-farmed meat production is hard on the planet, bad for health and causes animal suffering. At an upcoming summit, Kateman and other leaders of the reducetarian movement will explore how individuals, organizations, communities and societies can work to decrease meat consumption.

WOTUS and Agriculture: What Happens Next?

What's next for Obama's 2015 Clean Water rule (aka, the Waters of the US rule) - will it be repealed and replaced? Find out what WOTUS actually is and what it entails, how it impacts agriculture and why it's controversial.

What I Learned in Cider Making School

After trying a bunch of hard ciders and learning what they're all about, one of us decided to make her own, because making hard cider is easy, right? Maybe.

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