Regina Weiss

Regina Weiss worked at GRACE and wrote for Ecocentric until she left the foundation.

Dairy Farmers Ask Feds to Fix a Broken System

Today the federal milk pricing system - originally created to ensure dairy farmers a living wage through price protection - basically acts as a fig leaf for Dean Foods and other dairy behemoths, providing cover for their anticompetitive practices. Meanwhile, federal investigations point to collusion to drive down milk prices paid to farmers by these dairy giants.

Rachel Carson -- Aroused Ecocentric

Silent Spring, Carson's fourth book and her third best-seller, "played in the history of environmentalism roughly the same role that Uncle Tom's Cabin played in the abolitionist movement. In fact, EPA today may be said without exaggeration to be the extended shadow of Rachel Carson.

From Bush Legs to Bad Business Practices - It's Been a Busy Week for Poultry

It's been quite a week for US poultry. On Monday, 25 US Senators ranging across the ideological spectrum from Al Franken to Orrin Hatch, united to urge President Obama to use his meeting this Thursday with President Medvedev to negotiate an end to Russia's ban on imports of US chicken. On Tuesday the USDA issued proposed rules to clarify the meaning of "unfair business practices" under the almost 90-year-old federal Packers and Stockyards (P&S) Act with the goal of reliving some of the abuses found in the poultry and livestock industries.

Factory Farm Profits versus Historic Preservation?

The Minidoka Internment Camp, promised permanent preservation as a National Historic Site, is threatened with becoming permanently overshadowed by the massive waste lagoons, poisoned air and putrid water that characterize Idaho's dairy CAFOs.

Let Them Drink Milk! States Losing Drinking Water to Tortured Cows

A conflict in New Mexico is shaping up as a pitched battle between industrial dairy's desire to avoid regulation and the public's right to clean, safe drinking water. According to the state environment department, at least two-thirds of the groundwater underneath or adjacent to New Mexico's dairy CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) has been poisoned by nitrates.

Eleanor Perényi - Another Ecocentric Woman Ahead of Her Time

When writer and former Mademoiselle editor Eleanor Perényi died in May at 91, her New York Times obituary noted that she used her "years of toil in her Connecticut garden as a window onto the wider social world, ranging over history, myth and philosophy."

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