Maggie Tauranac

Maggie Tauranac is the Program Associate at GRACE Communications Foundation where she works with other staff on outreach strategies, content creation, newsletters and food systems research, as well as provides administrative and project support. Maggie has an MA in Food Studies from New York University where she conducted an analysis on agricultural antibiotic overuse and strategies for reduction. With a particular interest in ethics in the food system, her focus is predominantly on policy/advocacy issues surrounding food justice and sustainability. Prior to joining GRACE, Maggie worked in several capacities for the Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health Department at NYU, including as a research assistant to food policy analysts and as an adjunct professor and teaching assistant. Maggie is lovingly engrossed with her CSA, and is really into composting. In her spare time, she likes bouldering, jumping into lakes and putting things in color order.

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