Kate Johnson

Kate Johnson is the Communications and Marketing Coordinator at GRACE Communications Foundation. Her interest in sustainable food systems emerged while earning a BA in Environmental Studies from Skidmore College, with a concentration in environmental health and food systems policy. While at Skidmore, Kate focused her efforts in forging connections between local farmers and the College dining services in order to incorporate more local and sustainable food into the College's dining hall. Prior to GRACE, Kate worked at the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, focusing on the Community Parks Initiative, which aimed to ensure equitable access to open space for all New Yorkers. Outside of work, Kate is inspired by well-constructed breakfast sandwiches, public transportation and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Story of a Farmer Turned Foodie: Andrea Bemis

A farmer turned foodie, Andrea Bemis lives each day farm-to-table. Andrea runs a successful six acre organic farm alongside her husband, Taylor, in Parkdale, Oregon. She's able to share the fruits (or vegetables!) of her labor with people across the country, thanks to the success of her blog and upcoming cookbook, Dishing up the Dirt. Here's her story:

Holiday Giving Guide 2016

The holiday season is officially upon us, along with the flurry of winter giving. There are plenty of opportunities to give thoughtful, unique gifts that can't necessarily be wrapped up in a package! We've outlined a few options for you to make the giving season a little simpler.

10 Instagrammers We Love (and You Should Too!)

Though you might think Instagram is simply about pretty pictures, the social media platform is very dynamic and is used in a variety of different ways. We took some time to compile a list of 10 food-centric Instagrammers that we think make a positive impact in the food system through their work.

These 5 Foods Celebrate Halloween 365 Days of the Year

We celebrate Halloween as an opportunity to don a costume and disguise ourselves for one night a year. But did you know that a lot of our favorite foods also hide behind "costumes" of their own, misleading consumers, all year long?

Feeling Stressed About the Election? Here Are 3 Ways to Make Your Voice Heard

At times, it seems that the political tension surrounding this general election cycle has eclipsed the significance of local government, and how change can often spark from the ground up. Don't let these frustrations persuade you into inaction! Instead, let's recognize the influence of other forms of democratic participation where your voice can be heard!

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