Jennifer Bunin

Jennifer Bunin worked for GRACE's food program and blogged for Ecocentric until she left the foundation.

New Report Outs Food Industry Front Groups

A new report reveals the truth behind food industry front groups and many of the ads and campaigns we see every day. These groups are named to sound objective and trustworthy, and to be easily confused with non-profit public interest groups.

Not All Eggs Are Created Equal

Spring - it's the eagerly anticipated season of new life and fertility, the transition from a winter slumber to an active, fruitful growing season. The egg symbolizes these notions and is traditionally used across many cultures to celebrate spring.

What We Can Learn from the European Horse Meat Scandal

The scandal has led to a discussion about flaws in the European meat industry, which is largely self-regulated. While the horse meat didn't reach our shores, there are similar battles raging on US soil over labeling and inspection regulations - and when it comes to our food, we have to stand up for our right to know what we're consuming.

Report: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Too Cozy with Industry

Last month a report calling out the close financial ties between corporate food and beverage companies and registered dietitians group Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) sparked public outcry and highlighted the push for more transparency in the profession.

Pollan’s Classic 'Food Rules' Is Now a Beautiful Animation

It started with a simple idea: when it comes to food, we should model our diets after that of our grandparents, which is to say, we should eat less meat and less processed food. Michael Pollan’s Food Rules, the slim handbook that answers the common question, "What should I eat?" is sweetly animated here.

Hack // Meat Takes Hackathon to Twitter

Tuesday, as an extension of the online conversation, foodies, techies, advocates and consumers converged from around the world on Twitter for a #HackMeat TweetUp to explore the future of meat and discuss its connection to our health and our kitchens.

Ecocentric's Top Green Gifts for 2012

Giving the perfect gift can be difficult, even more so if you're looking for something that's good for your recipient, your community and our planet. To help you out, here are some ideas for greener gifts sure to please everyone on your list!

All Eyes on California: A Roundup on GMOs and Proposition 37

In just a few days California will vote on Proposition 37, which would require the labeling of genetically modified foods. Controversy surrounding the measure extends far beyond California, as GMOs remain a contentious topic around the globe, and a yes vote could impact policy across the nation.

Blog Action Day: The Power of We

This year, Blog Action Day focuses on "The Power of We," to celebrate people working together "to make a positive difference." So check out some of our favorite people & organizations helping our food, energy & water systems!

Conventional Farmer Comes Out in Support of Labeling GMOs

This week Prop. 37, an initiative to label GM foods, got an inspiring - and surprising - endorsement from Troy Roush, a conventional farmer featured in Food Inc. Roush grows GM corn and soybeans, but strongly believes that labels benefit the farmer as well as the consumer.

On Food and Pharmaceuticals

The impacts of industrial agriculture are a regular topic of discussion here on Ecocentric, but we've never delved into the complex relationship and alarming connections between our drug industry and our food industry, so we decided to take a look.

Scientists Point to Pesticides as Culprit in Honeybee Die-Offs

For over a decade an international debate has raged over the cause of the global decline of honeybees. In just the past month, three separate studies have connected bee die-offs and neonicotinoid pesticides- a culprit blamed by farmers and scientists since the debate began.

Greenwashing Food: How to Smell a Rat

We've been talking about corporate "greenwashing" for a while, now, but if food activists have been hard at work talking to consumers about food systems, so have food marketers.

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