Take the Sustainable Shopper Seafood Challenge!

Greenpeace's Sustainable Shopper Seafood Challenge will show you how sustainable your seafood purchases are and how to make even better choices to help ensure a fish-filled future for us all.

Take the Better Burger Challenge!

Take the Better Burger Challenge when you grill your burgers! Go for an all veggie burger or try a veggie and sustainably raised beef blend. Help make the iconic hamburger into a force for a healthier, more humane and more environmentally responsible food system!

Presidents Gone Green: Presidential Contributions to Our Food System

America's 45 presidents have dealt with environmental and climate issues since our nation's beginning. From Thomas Jefferson to Barack Obama, we've pulled together fun facts about the impacts many of our nation's presidents have had on our food system - and the water and energy systems our food depends on.

This Week in Eco News - February 17, 2017

This week's Eco News features stories about Instagram's role in fueling food waste; how chocolate became part of Valentine's Day; what cow pastures have to do with saving the planet - and much more!

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