Catherine Elliott

Catherine Elliott worked for GRACE's program team and blogged for Ecocentric until she left the foundation.

Your Year of Garden DIY

When it comes to growing your own food, there's a lot to keep in mind. We've created a handy infographic to help you stay on track with garden tasks and projects all year long. Here's to happy gardening!

Garden DIY: Seed Selection and Starting

The first step to a a flourishing garden is choosing high quality seeds that fit your climate and harvest goals. Make sure you seed for success by purchasing from sustainable seed sources, considering important seed characteristics and understanding the seeding process.

Toward Justice for Contract Farmers

Most chicken produced in the US is raised by farmers contracted by multi-national meat corporations. While contractor companies promise farmers a market for their poultry, these deals often end up pushing them into cycles of debt, with no opportunity for recourse.

Meet Nancy Easton of Wellness in the Schools, Inspiring Healthy Eating

"Our vision is to create healthier school environments for children to learn and grow. In order to achieve this vision, our chefs and our coaches are in schools every day, working side by side with school communities." Meet Nancy Easton, founder and executive director of Wellness in the Schools.

Where's the Guidance on Grassfed Products?

Customers looking for grassfed products have a lot of information to wade through. Since the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service revoked their grassfed standard in January, consumer and agriculture groups have called upon the Food Safety and Inspection Service for updated guidance. Learn more about the value of grassfed products as well as options for reliable sourcing.

Food Programs Making Strides in School Gardens and Cafeterias

Across the US, lots of organizations are providing opportunities for children to engage with healthy and sustainable food. School garden organizations and cafeteria-food oriented programs give kids access to nourishing food options. Check out this snapshot of some of the great work that's being done!

Carbon Farming: Fighting Climate Change with Regenerative Agriculture

While industrial agriculture perpetuates climate change, sustainable agricultural practices can help reverse its impacts. Carbon farming utilizes regenerative agriculture techniques to draw carbon out of the atmosphere and store it in sustainably managed soil and plant systems.

Career Opportunities in Food Sustainability Continue to Grow

As the scope and resonance of the sustainable food movement increase, so do opportunities for working in this field. New kinds of careers are born from the growth of businesses and organizations offering new options for consumer participation in sustainable food systems.

Garden DIY: Growing Food in the Great Indoors

Those living in small spaces or cold places can grow their own food with indoor gardening! Reap a harvest right from your kitchen or living room with these tips for indoor growing conditions and easy-to-grow plant varieties.

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