Thanksgiving Planning Is Made Simple with Our Seasonal Food Guide!

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It's mid-November, which means Thanksgiving gathering prep is in full swing. You've thought through the guest list, seating arrangements and tidied the house - but now it's time to fine-tune the menu (arguably the most important aspect of the holiday, yes?). Don't worry, we're here for you. Our Seasonal Food Guide takes the stress out of seasonal, holiday meal planning so you can instead focus on that complex seating chart of yours (because we all know Uncle Rodney can't sit anywhere near Aunt Genevieve).


Let's start from the beginning stages here. So, you've committed to cooking this year's meal with the seasons, but what are the offerings right now? Head on over to our Seasonal Food Guide to see what's available at your local market - no matter where you are! This list of available produce provides a great scaffolding for your meal planning. Better yet, for anything that isn't in season quite yet you can set a convenient calendar reminder so you won't miss a day of your favorite produce's season.

Get Inspired

Seeing anything you're not quite so familiar with? This is the perfect opportunity for you to try your hand at a new dish! Our Guide connects you with our Real Food Right Now series, which offers interesting tidbits on countless produce items and quality recipes that spotlight seasonal ingredients. Bid adieu to exhaustively scrolling the internet for the perfect recipe - our Guide has you covered (yes, we even have a crowd-pleasing recipe for a cardoon gratin, ideal for your Thanksgiving feast)!

Be Market Prepared

Now that you have the lay of the farmers' market land and know what produce to expect at the market, you're ready to head on over and start foraging. Eating with the seasons is a great way for us as eaters to shape a more sustainable, equitable food system. By purchasing seasonal ingredients, you help support your local farmer and keep food dollars within your community. One of the best things about shopping at your local market is that you have the chance to ask your farmer all sorts of questions about the process of getting your produce from farm to plate. After all, the farmers are the experts here, so take advantage of the opportunity to learn even more from them!

It's not everyday that we get to gather with our loved ones and connect over a shared meal - the Thanksgiving feast is rare, quality time spent together. And the gathering is made even more meaningful when you incorporate seasonal ingredients from a farmer you have a trusting relationship with. Try our Seasonal Food Guide: download our (free!) app, or visit our spiffy website. We're so excited for our Guide be your resource for all things seasonal, holiday meal planning. Happy Thanksgiving, all!