Vandana Shiva on Seeds of Humanity

Vandana Shiva is a physicist, feminist philosopher and passionate environmental advocate. (Trifecta!)  Previously, we've covered some of her talks on Ecocentric. Shiva’s blend of philosophically oriented, scientifically grounded food advocacy uniquely encompasses feminist and environmental activism. This weekend (beginning July 15), Shiva is a guest on Bill Moyers' show, Moyers and Company, talking seeds, GMOs and personal environmental responsibility. (To learn more about genetically-engineered food and organisms, please see this report from Food & Water Watch.)

Ecocentric is happy to share this video of her appearance, in which Shiva gives her take on GMOs' corporate drivers (hint: patents and profits are involved). And she invites all of us—consumers and CEOs alike—to answer a personal question, daily: “Where am I complicit in the war against the Earth?” She also gives great props to those working on local food issues in New York and cities everywhere, so if you're among them, you get some gold stars!

And as you contemplate greening your routines, we have some resources for you. For starters, you try out some tasty fresh foods as they come to your local farmers' market. We're also going to build on our energy efficiency info so you can make more informed choices in your home. No matter how engaged you've been in sustainable living, Shiva’s interview should be good fodder for further thought and conversation.

Moyers and Company airs on public television stations nationwide; check your local listings via the show’s website.