Try the Seasonal Food Guide, Then Hit the Farmers' Market

What's Growing Near You? Find Out With the Seasonal Food Guide

If you're wondering what's in season where you are, we have a great new tool to help you find out. Check out our new and improved Seasonal Food Guide - it's your farmers' market cheat sheet and it makes eating seasonally simple.

Our Seasonal Food Guide helps you learn when and where your favorite locally grown produce is in peak season. You can also find out how long an item will be at your local farmers' market and find out what's in season at other times of the year or in other states.

The best part? We have a new mobile app you can download on your phone so the answers to all your seasonal produce questions are right at your fingertips. The app even lets you send yourself a reminder for when your favorite produce item is at a farmers' market near you.

Use the Seasonal Food Guide!

Buy Seasonal Food at Your Local Farmers' Market

Once you've checked out the guide and our new app, grab your shopping bags and head to the local farmers' market. You can find your local farmers' market on the USDA's list.

Eating with the seasons helps cultivate a more resilient, sustainable food system because you support local farmers and the local economy, and your food spends less time traveling and in storage. Plus, local food just tastes better! It's a delicious win for everyone. And while the summer may be drawing to a close, the harvest season sure isn't. September is one of the best months for shopping at the farmers' market. So check it out and get shopping - and eating - today.