Take the Sustainable Shopper Seafood Challenge!

Christophe Fouquin / Adobe Stock

As of 2015, the US was the world's largest importer of seafood. In fact, up to 90 percent of our seafood is imported. We're also one of the largest markets for canned tuna. As consumers, our choices matter, especially for the health of our oceans and the workers who bring seafood to our plates, and US supermarkets - where we buy about half of our seafood - are one of the strongest connections to our oceans.

With around 90% of the world's fishing stocks now fully or overfished, destructive fishing practices have decimated populations of the ocean's top predators like sharks, tuna and swordfish over the past 50 years. In order to ensure the future of marine life in our oceans, we need to stop destructive fishing practices and support sustainably managed fisheries while also supporting conservation efforts like marine reserves.

So vote with your dollars. Tell the companies and supermarkets that make billions off the demise of our oceans to change their practices and offer more sustainable, socially responsible seafood.

How to Participate in the Sustainable Shopper Seafood Challenge

Your supermarket can be an ally or an obstacle in this quest for a more sustainable future. To find out how sustainable your seafood shopping is, Greenpeace created the Sustainable Shopper Seafood Challenge. Take their seafood challenge and find out how your purchases add up. You'll also get tips on how to make your seafood shopping more sustainable. Plus, you can check out their Grocery Store Scorecard to see how your favorite stores rate so you can encourage them to provide more sustainable seafood options.

If we all stand together to let grocery stores know that we demand seafood sustainability, collectively we can make them change their policies and help ensure a fish-filled future for us all.