Show Some Love with Ecocentric Valentine's Day E-cards

Valentine's Day is all about love - for our partners, lovers, teachers, families, friends - you might even show some love for your co-workers (note to my fellow Ecocentric bloggers: I'll take some cookies!) on February 14th. But you know who doesn't get much love on Valentine's Day? Mother Earth.

Most Valentine's Day gifts aren't created with sustainability in mind. Valentine's Day is second behind Christmas in card sending, close to a billion globally. Those heart shaped cardboard boxes filled with chocolates number in the tens of millions. The chocolate, flowers, jewelry and even fancy dinners contribute to more waste, toxins and bad labor practices - more in the spirit of the martyrdom that sparked the holiday than the modern love-in we associate with it these days.

It doesn't have to be this way! With a little sustainable forethought, some DIY spirit and a bit of extra time (did you know that almost all Valentine's gifts and cards are bought just hours before the 14th?), we can turn this day into the true love fest that it should be.

Gifts like organic flowers, farmers' market cookies, recycled cards, responsible jewelry and farm-to-table dinners  will bring love not only to your special someone, but also to the people who helped make your gift possible.

OK, OK - let's be realistic. Of those who participate in Valentine's Day, it is said that 70% give cards. We don't all have the time to turn that old magazine, some yarn and dry pasta into a card capable of winning over our Valentine's heart. But there are options and we have some good choices for you right here. Send an environmentally friendly Valentine's Day e-card to your sweetheart - professing your love for them AND Mother Earth.