Harvesting Salt from the Pacific Ocean

Cooking Up a Story brings us another amazing video  – and being a salt freak, I'm especially excited by this one. Ben Jacobsen drives 170 miles round trip from Portland to the stunningly beautiful Oregon coastline so he can harvest ocean water – to make salt. Jacobsen Salt Co.started as a hobby to benefit family and friends and quickly turned into a thriving business. Ben is serious about his craft, and it’s a good thing, considering the amount of time (around the clock, 7 days a week) it takes to turn seawater into the salty flakes we love. It’s well worth it. This artisanal salt is quite unlike the table salt we grew up with…which is why his customers, including many chefs, keep coming back.

Check out Jacobsen Salt Co.’s Kickstarter campaign to open a processing facility. The campaign ends this Friday at 4:15pm EDT so if you'd like to show your support, be speedy!