Girl Scouts: Please Make Organic and GMO-Free Cookies

A 10-year-old Girl Scout named Alicia wants the Girl Scouts to make their cookies organic and GMO-free.

Alicia started her petition back when she was 6 years old. When Girl Scout Cookie Season came around, she and her mom looked at the ingredient list on the cookie package and, sure enough, there were a lot of words Alicia couldn't read and didn't recognize. She did, however, recognize that some ingredients included GMO corn, soy and sugar beets and she knew she wanted them out of her cookies.

Growing genetically modified crops hurts the soil and insects and might impact human health because of heavy pesticide application associated with their use. Unfortunately, legislation in the US to label food containing GMOs is now on hold even though over 60 countries already either label or ban GMOs.

In November 2016, the Girl Scouts announced the introduction of GMO-free Samoas. This was a great first step - but they need to take it to the next level! Alicia's petition asks that Girl Scouts of America request that their bakers source all organic and non-GMO ingredients. In doing so, they will be helping prevent possible harm to the environment, insects, animals and people alike. By signing this petition, you will encourage food production that is better for people and the environment alike.

Please sign the petition asking Girl Scouts of America to make cookies with organic and non-GMO ingredients.